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An Angel at My Table (1990)

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An Angel at My Table

19902 h 38 min

Based on the autobiographical work of New Zealand writer Janet Frame, this production depicts the author at various stage of her life. Afflicted with mental and emotional issues, Frame grows up in an impoverished family and experiences numerous tragedies while still in her youth, including the deaths of two of her siblings. Portrayed as an adult by Kerry Fox, Frame finds acclaim for her writing while still in a mental institution, and her success helps her move on with her life.

Director Jane Campion
Runtime 2 h 38 min
Release Date 5 September 1990
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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Starring: Kerry Fox, Alexia Keogh, Karen Fergusson, Iris Churn, Jessie Mune, Kevin J. Wilson, Edith Campion, Francesca Collins, Melina Bernecker, Mark Morrison, Katherine Murray-Cowper, Mark Thomson, Brenda Kendall, Paul Moffat, Blair Hutchison, David McAuslan, Ailene Herring, Faye Flegg, Carla Hedgeman, Timothy Bartlett, Richard Mills, Sassy Acorn, Tony Creamer, Hamish McFarlane, Geoff Barlow, Samantha Townsley, Sarah Llewellyn, Christopher Lawrence, Fiona Kay, Brian Flegg, Eileen Clarke, Margaret Gordon, Caroline Somerville, Lilian Enting, Fiona Brown, Maureen Duffy, Karla Smith, Willa O'Neill, Fritha Stalker, Melanie Reid, Natasha Gray, Kelly Stewart, Andrew Robertt, Glynis Angell, Susan McGregor, Erin Mills, Virginia Brocklehurst, Natalie Ellis, Eddie Hegan, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Colin McColl, Erin Dorricott, Francene Clark, Doreen Donnell, Alistair Douglas, Rod Collison, Harry Lavington, Sheryl Stewart, Cushla Ashton, Jacqueline O'Rourke, Joy Trow, June Shane, Annabel Lomas, Ann Coc-Kroft, David Stott, Elizabeth McRae, Jim Rawdon, Peter Brunt, Celia Nicholson, Peter Needham, Joshua Cole, Ian Hendl, Martyn Sanderson, Jessica Wilcox, Mark Clare, Helene Anderson, Joan Foster, David Letch, Robert Jayne, Sharon Marsden, Collette Cooper, Paul Norell, Julia Calvo, Carlos Martínez, Maria Matias, Michael Harry, Maria Mercedes Moroto, Paula Sánchez, Timothy Smith, Alison Bruce, William Brandt, Gwyneth Hugues, Gerald Bryan, Billie Atkinson, Peter Dennett, David McKenzie, Eleanor Wragge, Caroline Flint, Rachel Hernandez, Patrick Griffiths

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